Our History

For more than four decades, The Atlanta Inquirer has reached a unique audience in the Metro Atlanta area. These are the people who care about their community. They read The Atlanta Inquirer because they want to know about others who share their concerns. There are 61,000 paid subscriptions to The Atlanta Inquirer; but nearly a quarter of a million other Atlantans depend on The Atlanta Inquirer for the type of weekly news, information and editorial opinions these readers cannot find in any other publication.1

Reader: “I read The Atlanta Inquirer because it’s a wonderful place to find the news and views that I trust. The advertisements are great; they help me do my shopping, and I support the advertisers as well.”

The Atlanta Inquirer has a lucrative market. Most people, who read our paper, work. More than half [of our readers] are women. And they exceed the national average in education.2

The second oldest community newspaper, The Atlanta Inquirer reaches nearly all of the African-American church congregations in the Atlanta Metro community - which is consistent with the history of this paper.

John B. Smith Publisher and Chief Executive Officer): “The Atlanta Inquirer was founded out of need. In the summer of 1960, the first edition of The Atlanta Inquirer rolled off the press.”

That [the early 1960s] was a turbulent time in this city’s history. [It was] the heyday of the Civil Rights Movement, and many of those involved in that Movement felt that the established Black Press only printed “safe” Black news that often edited out the truth - leaving a place for The Inquirer. Mr. M. Carl Holman, The Atlanta Inquirer’s first editor, filled that need. Then, John B. Smith came on board in February 1961. He has maintained the paper’s mission of providing an educated and alert African-American education perspective ever since.

Today, advertisers such as Pepsi, HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development), First Union Bank, Rich’s, GMC and Philip Morris regularly reach readers through our paper. Our expansive readership is keyed to advertisers who find The Atlanta Inquirer key to Atlanta’s Huge Black Consumer Market. [Whether you are] big or small, The Atlanta Inquirer is perfect for your advertising dollars. If you want a publication which influences 62% of its readers in their total purchasing decisions, if you want a publication with a history in the Metro Atlanta area, and if you want to reach readers who keep themselves educated and up-to-date on issues in their community, then The Atlanta Inquirer is important to you, too. It’s the paper that influences 54% in department store purchase, 67% in grocery store purchases and 97% of their political endorsements.

It’s The Atlanta Inquirer:

“To seek out the Truth and report it without Fear or Favor.”

200,000+ Atlanta Inquirer readers - CPVS verified;
100 distribution locations and growing

Statistics of Atlanta Inquirer Readers
90.6% employed, 53.6% women, 46.4% men
55.2% high school diplomas, 24% college degrees, 11.4% advanced degrees